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Outsourcing is a form of enterprise signing a contract with an information technology company for projects. Enterprises need outsourcing companies when they need to complete the project schedule faster and efficiently or when the search for trained personnel takes too much time and expense. Hiring outsourcing units helps businesses focus on their strengths and save costs. Learn more about outsourcing companies with Natuha Solution 

What’s IT Outsourcing Company Meaning?

The IT outsourcing company is the company which specializes in IT services to manage, maintain and operate the information technology (IT) function of the business. They will provide the appropriate human resources for your company, and offer appropriate solutions. Thanks to the outsourcing company, businesses not only use maximum resources and improve operational efficiency, but also save costs and time.

Some of outsourcing company services:

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Configure computer system
  • System backup and restore
  • IT security system

Benefits of outsourcing

Saving operating costs businesses

The use of external human resources will help reduce a large amount of money, resources and effort to build a separate IT team for the business. In the past, to set up an IT department, companies had to hire qualified and experienced employees. The more experience, the higher the salary; After recruiting employees, you may have to spend more money to train more in-depth courses to get the job done. After that, businesses have to invest a large amount of capital to buy equipment such as computers, printers, software, etc. IT jobs are also very diverse, to the point that it is difficult for anyone to be fluent in all of them. . Therefore, depending on the product to be done, businesses need IT staff with appropriate expertise.

Because of the above reasons, it is difficult for a single IT team to complete all the work a business needs. Instead, outsourcing services to complete the technology related work is a much more efficient solution. No need to spend money for employees to learn in-depth courses, no need to upgrade equipment and buy software licenses anymore. Businesses now only need to pay their outsourced employees in full and get results

Reduce staff load, redirect focus

Without operating in the technology field, it is very difficult for businesses to build an IT department capable of solving all arising problems. Investing to hone employees’ capabilities and keep hardware and software up-to-date is also very expensive and doesn’t give a good return on investment.

Therefore, outsourcing services help businesses reduce the above costs and spend their resources and human resources on more important issues. In addition, most technology-related work in companies that are not in the same industry does not affect the overall operational efficiency too much, so it can be easily delegated to outsourced employees.

Right person, right solution

As noted above, IT-related jobs can be so diverse and complex that a regular IT team in businesses can hardly handle it. In contrast, outsourcing services have dozens of programmers and computer engineers with long-term expertise and experience.

They are familiar with the IT requirements that businesses often need, such as writing system software, human resource management software, internal communication applications, mobile management applications, etc. What problems will often arise, specific requirements related to the job…

All is to help them complete the customer’s request in the fastest and most accurate way. It will be difficult for an enterprise IT department to achieve such accuracy and efficiency, especially for businesses that do not operate in the IT industry, where employees are less likely to be rubbed and cultivated.

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Natuha solution – Professional Software Outsourcing Company

Natuha has 8 years of experience working with agents, customers and partners at home and abroad. Natuha uses information technology to help businesses solve management and operational problems. The combination of four services Magento, CICD Solution, AWS and Salesforce creates the power of an e-commerce solution. Helping businesses solve problems such as resource management, sales management, data storage, data analysis, building and maintaining relationships with customers.

Natuha Solution is one of the leading software outsourcing services in Vietnam

High professional capacity

Natuha Solution programmers are all dedicated programmers and computer engineers with professional competence and a spirit of learning to be able to find solutions to any technology problem, as well as keep up to date with the latest trends. market direction to produce the most suitable and effective product.

Multi-disciplinary experience with extremely difficult projects

With 8 years of experience in the technology field, especially working with Magento platform, Natuha Solution has accumulated a lot of experience in all aspects that can handle the most complex problems, as well as be able to solve problems. services for all types of customers and different sizes of businesses. We have been cooperating to Outsource software for businesses in Japan, India and Malay.

Enthusiastic support and customer care

Natuha Solution is also known for its enthusiastic support and advice during cooperation with customers. All customer questions are explained thoroughly by Natuha, all needs are seriously consulted and researched. Natuha also has an attractive after-sales system, which helps the product always work stably, and customers will always find it worth every penny.

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