Magento is the leading e-commerce platform used by medium and enterprise businesses around the world. It is a powerful open-source which brings many benefits on building a full e-commerce website system. Magento supports businesses in managing and structing their business strategy. Thanks to features such as product management, sales and customer management, Magento helps shortenning inspection time, optimizing management resources, decentralizing and reporting systems in order to be easier to make good decisions, or reasonable business plans.
Especially Magento is an user-friendly system that makes businesses easily integrate with known systems such as CRM, Accounting, Payment Gateways and ERP. With more than 8 years of experience in providing solutions, Natuha Solution is proud to be one of the most believable partners providing quality Magento services to customers.


Magento is open-source that allows users to create multiple online stores-multiple websites. Users can manage all stores, items, features, payments, customer information with a single admin panel. This allows administrators to easily manage the e-commerce system at a certain point. According to Natuha Solution, businesses have been choosing Magento for their e-commerce system told that their customers have better experiences and achieve high efficiencies in business.
  • Being open source allows to create many online stores with many different languages and currency systems. Centralized management to meet all your own business models and areas
  • Provide full features of the ecommerce system from basic to advanced such as management of product categories, sales, stores, inventory system allowing users to master the operating system.
  • Support the management of marketing activities to build promotions, discounts, etc. to attract potential customers and promote the sales process
  • High performance page load speed, query processing time of only a few hundred milliseconds, long user retention on e-commerce websites
  • Easily integrate third-party systems like CRM, ERP and multiple payment gateways, supporting easy business operations
  • SEO-friendly with features such as removing duplicate content, optimizing meta, keywords, urls, sitemaps…
Natuha Solution designs and develops customized Magento B2B / B2C solutions that deliver differentiated customer experiences to help businesses increase online sales and drive business efficiency.


Magento Customizations

Provide Magento platform customization services through services such as redevelopment, design support, upgrade and improve Magento system operation

Magento Integrations

Natuha Solution provides integration services using Magento's API framework that seamlessly integrates with third parties like CRM, ERP

Magento Store Migration

Seamless migration of the ecommerce system from another platform to Magento 2.0 ensures accurate data, compatibility with the system's device and interface.

Custom Plug-Ins & Extensions

Develop new extensions customizing available extensions according to customer requirements to ensure backward compatibility with old systems with a team of professional experience.

Magento Support

Provide Magento support services such as data, features, payment optimization, shipping, website audit, maintenance, cms, seo ... any problems we can solve.

Website Development

Designing e-commerce websites through the management of Magento backend system combined with the latest programming languages ​​React, Kotlin, Flutter... brings a different experience

Mobile App Development

Design consulting and development of cross-platform mobile applications suitable for operating systems such as Android, iOS, bringing a completely different customer experience

Magento Solution

We consult solution services related to Magento platform, regardless of whether you have a problem with the technology system or you are looking for a solution to improve your business, NaTuHa can meet it.

Magento Performance

Optimize Magento performance. Optimize Magento web SEO activities to bring outstanding business results.

Magento SEO Optimize

Consulting strategies and methods of website optimization using the strengths of the Magento platform to help business websites achieve the best rankings.


NATUHA SOLUTION is a technology company with a primary focus on building e-commerce solutions on the Magento platform. With a team of 50 experienced professionals with a cross-platform background, we confidently accompany you on your business journey. Choose us as your Magento development partner, you will never be disappointed.

  • More than 8 years of Magento implementation experience
  • Technological capacity for project implementation at home and abroad
  • Dynamic and professional staff
  • Commitment to project quality through management methods
  • Taking customers as the center of service, developing together