A must-have shopping cart feature on an e-commerce website

When shopping on an e-commerce website, before paying to complete the purchase you have to do one thing, which is to add the product to the cart. If so, the shopping cart also greatly affects the customer’s shopping experience. So, what are the shopping cart features needed on an e-commerce website to help optimize the customer’s buying process?
Must-have shopping cart features on an e-commerce website
The shopping cart is the intermediary between the product page and the checkout process. Therefore, the customer comes to the decision to pay and complete the order or not depends on the optimization of the shopping cart feature. To bring the optimal online shopping experience to customers, the shopping cart page needs to possess the following preeminent features:

Product pictures

Images are one of the factors that help businesses interact with customers on ecommerce websites. Images on the website help customers better visualize the product when buying online. Product images can be easily zoomed in to see every detail, from every angle of the product. In addition, the image needs to be as realistic and vivid as on the product page, displayed at a large size.

Product Reviews

The product reviews of online customers who have purchased at the business help other consumers trust the quality of the product, thereby making faster purchasing decisions. Therefore, adding information about product reviews to the shopping cart page can help businesses stimulate customers to buy more, increasing outstanding revenue.

Smart navigation

The shopping cart page design as well as the easy navigation feature will make it more convenient for customers to shop online. For example, you can suggest several related products when the customer buys any suitable product of the same type, which can impress the customer and make them buy more.

Customize product quantity

Customers can easily adjust the number of products added to the cart quickly as well as remove products that are not suitable or have no need to purchase anymore. This will be extremely convenient for customers when they accidentally put the wrong number of products in the cart. Instead of deleting products completely and going back to choose the right number of products to buy, you can customize them right on the shopping cart page.

Discount code input box

For discount programs, customers need to enter the discount code in the box and apply the payment method as usual. The shopping cart is the right place to put a discount code entry box, where shoppers can enter the code and complete their checkout steps.

Various payment methods

In the shopping cart feature, the payment options provided in the cart feature are highlighted and different icons are used for representation. Businesses should provide a variety of payment methods for users, helping them to choose their favorite payment method.

Ability to set promotional prices in the cart

Businesses often apply different promotions according to each campaign. Therefore, the shopping cart also needs to be customized in accordance with different promotions to meet the payment and shopping needs of customers.
With each promotion such as free shipping, discount on order, etc., the website’s system needs to set up rules to process and calculate exactly how much customers need to pay after applying the promotion. The optimally designed shopping cart will help customers quickly complete their online shopping process. Therefore, focusing on optimizing the shopping cart page when designing a website is extremely necessary.
Has the shopping cart feature on your business website really brought a convenient shopping experience to users?
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