Should Businesses Outsource Magento Development?

Magento is a highly powerful e-commerce development platform that was created with every type of online company demand in mind. However, it is a sophisticated platform that needs the use of expert Magento developers to set up or maintain your site in the long run. A Magento developer must have sufficient knowledge and competence to provide you with prompt, dedicated, and cost-effective services. Read the article below to answer the question of whether to outsource Magento development projects.

What is Outsourcing Magento Development?

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that is a handy piece of software for online businesses and is the world’s largest eCommerce platform. Magento is easy to use, flexible for specialty businesses and fast-growing businesses.

Magento can quickly respond to any problems businesses need during development. However, with a complex architecture, building and managing the system on the Magento platform needs a developer with enough knowledge and capacity. Compared to businesses that pay their own money to find Magento developers and train them, finding companies that provide Outsource Magento Development services will be much more positive and economical. Because of the increasing market demand, outsourcing magento development service is becoming more and more popular

Types of Magento Outsourcing

Here are 3 popular types when you outsource Magento development

  • In-House: You can bring on a Magento developer with solid experience in Magento development and other ecommerce development platforms to your team. 
  • Outsourcing to Agencies: Whether you want to build a Magento store from the ground up or migrate from another platform to Magento, the best solution is to choose a Magento development firm like us. 
  • Outsourcing Freelancers: Many individuals choose to locate a freelancer for their work, but it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


Why outsource Magento development?

The complexity of Magento

Magento is a highly reliable, scalable and adaptive eCommerce development platform. It is also a complex and powerful platform that getting used to it will take a lot of time and resources. Instead, you can look for an Outsource Magento service partner to handle technology-related issues and you will have all the resources to focus on growing your business.

Better project results

Companies that provide Outsource Magento Development services will often have people with good knowledge and expertise. Not only that, these companies also have experience in working and implementing with many different partners and industries. Choosing to outsource Magento will help businesses have better results than fumbling on their own.

On schedule of the project

Magento outsourcing companies often deliver high quality with the least amount of time and right. Enterprises will not have to worry about the project delaying the Go-live date or the time of handing over to the customer which is still incomplete.

Durability and Continuity

This is a problem that Magento development teams have all the time. The change of personnel and quality of inhouse will affect the progress of the project quality. So in order not to have any serious problems, you still need to outsource Magento. Here, outsourcing companies always guarantee for businesses


With the increase in demand and the number of online retailers, the competition is expanding all the time. The only way to survive is to combine special qualities. You have to focus on two important aspects: distinctiveness and innovation. A competent Magento developer will ensure that your website is completely personalized and one-of-a-kind. It will assist you in attracting a large number of visitors and generating a large number of potential customers.

How to find Outsource Magento Development Company

After you have identified your needs and have set yourself a budget for outsourcing. The next job is to choose a partner to Outsource Magento Development. Below Natuha Solution summarizes some criteria for you to choose the right partner

Choose a company based on expertise and experience

When it comes to Magento, experience is worth a lot. Therefore, it is important to know how long a web development company has been creating and managing Magento based eCommerce sites. A long-standing Magento website design company that accumulates a lot of professional knowledge and experience will give us a sense of security when working. In addition, you can also see the customers that the partner has implemented the project to increase the decision.

Choose a company on the Magento community

You can start looking for Magento partners through the platform’s open communities. When you search you will be provided with a list of agencies or businesses that can assist you with the specific services you require. These partners have registered their business with qualified and accredited Magento developers who provide full service solutions. Magento development, design, customization, configuration, hosting, SEO and PPC services are all included. They also have access to any Magento support, extensions, and tools your store may require.

Choose a company with a Magento certified human resource

When looking for Magento development services, one of the first things to look for is a company that has a team of skilled certified Magento developers. This gives you the assurance that your eCommerce site is being managed by professionals who know what they are doing. Despite the fact that Magento is open source and not subject to strict coding regulations, it has a number of standards and Magento-certified developers are experts in implementing these standards. this standard for projects. A Magento Ecommerce development company must develop a number of specific Magento projects and have Magento Certified Developers on its team to be eligible for the partnership.

Every year, these developers will be required to take an exam to ensure that they are up to date. When developers are certified, it shows that they have received adequate training and the organization invests in the professional development of its engineers.

Choose a company based on confidentiality

When outsourcing, it is important to address data security. Therefore, make sure that your Magento development team provides clear and detailed data security standards, as data loss will have a significant impact on your organization. However, there is no absolute guarantee that someone will not get your data. To avoid data leakage, have a thorough Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) while signing the contract.

Introduction of outsourcing services of Natuha Solution

Our dedicated team of certified Magento 2 developers have gained in-depth expertise in implementing Magento solutions for customers across 5 continents. What we can do to help you with your Magento development projects:

  • E-commerce website development
  • Website maintenance, enhancement and optimization
  • Integrate extensions
  • Storage
  • Native mobile app development
  • Website SEO


In this article, we looked at why we should outsource Magento development projects. Choosing a Magento development solution is a difficult decision as it will require a large financial commitment. To get the best results, you should carefully choose the people you work with. Natuha Solution is the leading e-commerce development company in Vietnam

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