Tips to Know When Outsource Mobile App Development in 2021

By outsourcing mobile app development, you can shorten the time to market, decrease project costs, and improve the quality of your product. For this reason, around 52.5% of all IT companies have outsourced software development at least once. In the article below we will provide you with information on how to choose the best mobile application outsourcing company.

What is Outsource Mobile App Development?

Outsource Mobile App Development is a form of business hiring a third party to develop mobile applications. Choosing to outsource mobile applications helps businesses save production costs, focus on core values ​​rather than developing a new internal team.

Types of Mobile App Development are popular today

  • Web Application: A web-based application. And programmed in web languages ​​like HTML5, CSS, javascript or jQuery Mobile. With an app-like interface and content loaded from the web. In addition, programmers can use HTML, CSS, some mobile and responsive frameworks such as Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile, Materialize.
  • Native App: Often used in game app designs, and requires a lot of computational sophistication. And written on many operating systems such as IOS, Android, Windows and corresponding to each operating system is a different language and each language only runs on one platform and does not run on other platforms.
  • Hybrid App: An application that combines a native application and a web application. Hybrid App is built using HTML, CSS, Javascript, running on WebView of mobile. At the same time, the Hybrid App can still take advantage of the device’s features such as taking pictures, GPS and vibration.

Outsource Mobile App Development Process

Step 1. Clarifying the requirements of the business before deciding to Outsource Mobile App.

You must be able to answer the questions below to make sure that outsourcing is the correct choice.

  • Why develop mobile apps? How does this mobile app help businesses?
  • Is outsourcing mobile application development really necessary?
  • And if you have chosen to outsource development, what results do you expect to get in return?

Step 2. Find the right Outsource Mobile App partner

Depending on the purpose or desire of your business, you can choose project outsourcing partners in the form of Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore…

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Professional outsourcing: Your company lacks mobile app developers, so you decide to outsource experts who can fill the gap and provide their services

Project Outsourcing: When a business has too many projects and you can’t complete them all, you look for a company that will tackle one or several projects.

Step 3: Exchange project information with Outsource Mobile App partners

Describe exactly what you need and the results to be achieved when implementing the project with the partner. You need to clarify your expectations about the end result as well as talk more about communication during implementation

Step 4: Get a quote from an Outsource partner

Depending on the outsourcing strategy of your business, you will have different suitable partners. Please see the project’s quotation and implementation time to ensure the schedule

Step 5: Clarify the delivery time and payment milestone

To ensure that the project is running on schedule, you need to clarify the timelines for completing the parts of the project. These payment milestones after the outsourcing partner completes these guarantees benefits for both

Step 6: Deploy and Stay Connected

If the partner has met the criteria of appropriate technology and financial capacity, you can start implementing the project. Especially between businesses and mobile application outsourcing companies need to be constantly connected.

How much does Outsource Mobile App Development cost

How much will an Outsource Mobile App cost?

In fact, there is no specific number that clearly shows how much money you spend developing an application. How much budget the application consumes mainly depends on many factors such as complexity, outsourcing partners

With more platforms, you will pay more. Typically, the price for iOS and Android will be twice as expensive as an Android-only project.

It will take about 3,038 hours of development to introduce a Netflix-like app with an attractive interface, integrated streaming algorithms, and multiple payment gateways. At $50/hr, the project will cost $151,900 for both iOS and Android. Time and price would be significantly lower, around $83,545, in the case of cross-platform growth.

It took 2,294 hours for an Uber-like app with GPS navigation, multi-ride options, and different payment methods. The cost of creating outsourced apps for iOS and Android versions will be around $114,700. Cross-platform development will bring the price down to $63,000.

It would take 2,500 hours for a simple e-commerce application with product listing, shopping cart, and payment gateway. Production costs will be $125,000 for both platforms. However, the cost will be around $68,700 if you want a cross-platform approach. Use this article to learn more about creating ecommerce software.

At the same time, the cost of outsourcing application development also depends on the location. Here is a comparison of outsourced app development prices in different regions.

Regions/project price Netflix-like app Ridesharing app E-commerce app Uber-like app
North America $455,700 $477,300 $375,000 $798,600
Oceania $446,586 $477,300 $375,000 $798,600
Western Europe $303,800 $318,200 $125,000 $532,400
Eastern Europe $151,900 $159,100 $125,000 $266,200
Asia $148,860 $155,100 $123,800 $262,100

Things to keep in mind when choosing Outsource Mobile App Development companies

Before officially cooperating with outsourcing companies, you can learn some information about specific companies such as

  • Projects that the company has implemented. Is there a project similar to the one you are working on. Request to see project demo if available
  • The technology that Outsource companies use will be used for this project. Why choose that technology… A good Outsource company is a company that understands technology and advises businesses why to choose.
  • What are the professionals who perform the project? How are the company’s customers?

According to Natuha, to choose a suitable partner, a partner only needs to meet three factors

  • Quality: Project results meet business requirements
  • Time: On schedule doesn’t slow down the golive time
  • Suitable: For businesses in terms of deployment budget costs

Natuha Solution – Outsource Mobile App

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