Building ecommerce system on Magento platform

Businesses participating in the potential e-commerce market also need an ecommerce system to help optimize all business activities. When choosing the right platform to deploy an e-commerce solution for your business, you need to understand the core values ​​of the system, set out the requirements for an ecommerce solution, and then choose the right platform.

The eCommerce system: From the beautiful interface to the machine that operates seamlessly

When discussing the e-commerce system, we cannot fail to mention the sales website interface, where online buying and selling activities take place on the internet, also known as a form of online store. E-commerce website usually consists of main pages such as homepage, registration/login, product list page, product details, article list, article details, shopping cart, checkout, etc. information and allow users to make purchases. However, the eCommerce system does not stop here, to display information and make the user’s purchase action smooth and easy, this system also includes a lot of complex features.
For a successful business, an ecommerce business needs to provide a modern, easy-to-navigate interface for customers, and at the same time ensure that the internal management stages take place smoothly, effectively with the most optimal cost.
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Core issues in the “chain” of eCommerce operations

In this section, we will take a closer look at the inner workings of the ecommerce system. The operation “chain” of the eCommerce system includes many different parts, corresponding to the interconnected chains. These links correspond to the system elements that need to be managed, so a business succeeds only when the parts work together seamlessly, delivering the highest performance and maximum cost savings. operate.
E-commerce digitizes all product information so that buyers can easily choose the product they want. Since buyers and sellers do not need to meet face-to-face, a transport unit is needed to help circulate goods and connect them together. Therefore, the first core value that businesses need to ensure is transportation. To be successful, businesses need to ensure the principles of fast, safe and economical.
Customers are one of the factors that help businesses compete with other competitors in the market. The total value that customers receive when buying at the business includes the physical value of the goods and the spiritual and emotional value received by customers. In which, service quality and customer emotions are the top factors to retain customers.
Therefore, the next core platform ecommerce businesses need to focus on developing is customer care. The ultimate goal of the operation chain is to create the maximum total value received by the customer. This also means that businesses need to provide dedicated customer service, receive products quickly and meet customer expectations at the highest level.

Choosing a platform to create an eCommerce system for businesses

Which platform is suitable for implementing eCommerce system for business? Choosing a platform to create e-commerce solutions for businesses is extremely important, so this makes many businesses wonder and consider. To ensure effective implementation of all operations, besides functions, an ecommerce platform needs to meet the following criteria:
  • High security: The platform needs to ensure high security to make all purchases, personal information and payments of customers safe and not hacked by hackers.
  • The ability to integrate third parties: The ability to integrate with 3rd parties such as shipping units, payment gateways… for ecommerce systems is extremely important. Therefore, the ecommerce platform you use must easily integrate with these 3rd parties for your system.
  • Expand your ecommerce system: The ecommerce platform you choose is easy to customize to suit your business at any stage. Enterprises can easily expand the system from being a small business household to a very large enterprise without affecting the ability to manage.
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